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Radha C. Luglio

Radha C. Luglio is the founder of the Tantralife method and the inspirer of Tantralife school…


She is a Meditation and Tantra teacher and she has over twenty years experience in leading trainings and courses on an international level.

She lived in India in the ashram of the enlightened Master Osho for more than twenty years, meditating, studying, and working also as a “medium” in the energy transmissions between Master and disciples and she taught for years in the Osho School of Tantra in the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune (India).

Radha has dedicated her life to sharing Tantra, seen, not only as a sexual practice, but also as method for personal growth and expansion in daily life.

She often participated to radio and television shows, where she manages to share with the public her extraordinary experience with her peculiar simplicity and spontaneity.


Her competence and ability to communicate at all levels, brought her to cooperate successfully with some   medical clinics as a counsellor in sexual sensitivity, and to lecture   in post-graduate courses and up-grading seminars for andrology, urology and sexology medical doctors.

She is author of the book: Tantra A Way Of Living And Loving, published in Italy and translated in eight languages.

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Tantra, A Way Of Living And Loving
by Radha C. Luglio

Available in English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Romanian.

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Radha C. Luglio describes her personal journey of spiritual transformation in which she discovers the basic principles of Tantra’s devotion, receptivity, naturalness, meditation and sensuality through a variety of intense experiences. Each chapter is a transmission of Tantric understanding to the reader. Each begins with a quote from a different enlightened mystic and ends with a Tantric meditation technique.

While telling her story, Radha draws on a variety of sources, such as Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, one of the oldest Hindu scriptures, and the sayings of ancient Buddhist Tantra masters such as Tilopa, Naropa and Saraha.

She describes her initiation as a disciple to an Indian mystic, Osho, whom she regards as a modern Tantra master, and the personal guidance she receives from him. She applies this guidance to her life as a seeker, which includes periods of celibacy, discipline and hard work contrasted with times of intense sexual exploration and freedom.

As one of Osho’s chief mediums, Radha participates in high-powered experiments with Tantric energy that she compares with cases of spiritual possession among Christian nuns in medieval Europe.
Later, she describes her farewell to her spiritual master and her decision to develop and offer her own Tantra work.

Radha’s approach to Tantra is unique. She conveys the essence of Tantra as a way of life, a spiritual path and a support for love, sex and intimacy. She explains the origins of Tantra, the context in which it flourished and the reasons why it died.

She points out the pitfalls that face people today, including over-emphasis on sexual technique, and explains how Tantra can give the world a new direction, offering a holistic vision that heals the age-old split between body and soul.

Preface by Banana Yoshimoto

True Courage

When writing about one’s own life, people tend to distort the truth to an extent and illustrate them so that they seem better than reality. Upon finishing this book, what touched me first was how the author showed no hesitation in openly sharing with us, her sufferings and struggles she went through upon entering a life of spiritual search.
As I read her words I felt the restlessness and anguish she was going through at that time, and I believe that, that is the vital element lacking in most literature today. Most memories, when looked back upon tend to be sweet, but this book contains no such fantasies. She leaves every single drop of sweetness, bitterness, longings, and memories true, with no distortion, as she vividly describes the raw and rugged texture of reality. The author is a bundle of courage, as she cuts herself open, spilling herself out honestly and truthfully. 
She appears to be like a warrior who fears not in revealing all, down to her gut. And yet, there is a tender motherly kindness in her approach to share her experience with others. The author was one of an intense and wild nature, yet soon she showed a warm, soft light from within.
As she passes through fire, burning and stumbling on her way, she becomes, truly a teacher, one that is able to touch others. Essentially, Tantra must be sought individually, for it is not something that can be taught. With this understanding, the author simply illustrated her experiences honestly and truthfully to communicate them to others. 
I express my deepest respect towards her courage in sharing her precious experiences with us in this way. 

Banana Yoshimoto


Guided Tantra meditations for couples.
Language: Italian.


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Music for Love and guided Tantra meditation.
Languages: English, Italian, Japanese.


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Prem Agostino


Prem Agostino is Graduated in Biology and for more than 10 years he worked in hospitals and for the pharmaceutical industry.

In 1981 the meeting with Osho, his spiritual Master, changes his life dramatically, bringing him to integrate emotional aspects in his scientific research on the human being. He therefore feels the need to start a meditation path and a training in the fields of NLP, Reiki, Bioenergetics, Gestalt.

Experimenting on breathing, he starts a cooperation for about 10 years with Osho Breath Energy School International.

Today Prem Agostino offers his wide experience leading regularly groups and individual sessions all over Italy, bringing into Tantralife program his qualities of scientific clarity and welcoming heart.




Tarisha is graduated in Social Sciences and Communication in Milan with a Specialization in Knowledge of Feelings and Emotions at the University of Siena (Italy).

After working for years in the pharmaceutical industry, she feels the need to deepen the knowledge of health topics, finding in the holistic disciplines a more complete approach to healing.

Her research brings her to discover Osho and to complete her education with a series of trainings in body oriented therapies, conscious breathing and Tantra.

Besides offering individual sessions of coaching, Rei-ki, conscious breathing, she now works in the Tantralife Staff leading Tantra, breath and meditation events.


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