Frequently Asked Questions

May I come to a tantra group even if in this moment I’m single?

Of course you can, the Tantralife training is an individual path that allows every single participant to explore his/her own sexual energy, even without a partner.

What kind of exercises are practiced during courses? Which techniques are studied?

In the groups we don’t study a lot, we rather have an experiencial approach. We use awareness exercises, breathing tecniques, dancing, movement and meditation.

But I am not able to meditate…

Meditation is not something to be learned, meditation happens;  simple exercises and playfullness make meditation easier, support relaxation and remove what usually prevents us from flowing. You don’t need to be an expert meditator, there are not complicated practices to learn, you just need to be natural and ready to receive.

How are groups practically held, how many hours a day do you spend in group? May I go home in the evening? Should I tell everybody my problems?

The groups are full immersion in ourselves. It’s important, at least during those days, to have a brake from everyday life to obtain the biggest benefit.
We usually start  early in the morning with the first meditation , after breakfast the first session until lunch time. In the afternoon  again a group session and two more meditations. After dinner the day ends with
a group session.
Living all these experiences and spending so much time  together, we can create an intimate and protected environment where, respecting everybody’s privacy, each one of the participants can touch and melt very deep blocks.
To tell everybody your problems is not compulsory but, for sure, sharing happiness and pain may facilitate the process.

Are there sex or other intimate contacts in the groups?

In the group sessions there is no sex. In some exercises you will have physical contact and may reach very deep intimacy with your partners. But keep in mind that no one is asked to do anything against his/her own will.

Do we have to be naked?

Also about nakedness everyone’s wish is respected but let’s not forget that Tantra is concerned with going beyond taboos and with acceptance of the body.

Will this group help me with my sexual problems? (premature ejaculation, impotence, frigidity…)

Even if Tantralife groups do not substitute any kind of medical therapy, Tantra is a very helpful way to facilitate relaxation and to learn new way of aproaching sex, more free, relaxed and without anxiety. This kind of sexual problems have often psycological origins, due to the “goal obsession”, and in all these issues Tantra and meditation can bring great benefit.

May I come to a tantra group even if I am homosexual?

We don’t have any prejudice towards homosexuality. Osho spoke a lot about it as a natural phase in human life, that is good to explore. If in this phase of your life you feel attracted by people of your same sex and you want to come to a Tantralife group, it’s fine provided that your longing for truth gives you the courage to go for the unknown. This means that you might find yourself happily exploring heterosexuality.