What does it mean for you to be free in sexuality?

Prem Agostino in this short video explains the importance of recognizing the symptoms of a not- completely free sexuality, which is the first step in transforming guilt, inadequacy and shame.

What does it mean for you to be free in sexuality?
Not having to be monogamous?
To be able to disobey the rules of what is considered socially acceptable?
To give expression to some perversion?

Tantra does not dictate rules of this kind, it doesn’t give any “right or wrong” in sexuality, it doesn’t impose any kind of behavior.
Yet it aims at a completely free sexuality, understood as the possibility of being able to express yourself in sexuality, enjoying your energy, fully enjoying the inborn sensuality in your body.
Unfortunately, few people actually, even those who consider themselves “free”, really manage to live sexuality with total joy. We all feel from time to time insecure, awkward, inadequate or we feel we don’t deserve a total fulfillment.

Guilt thus sneaks in into the bed – not only there – making us feel wrong, for example, if we are enjoying too much, or if we or the partner fail to have orgasm.

The cause of all this is to be found in the old patterns of behavior that we inevitably had to learn when we were very young and which unfortunately still today affect our way of experiencing sexuality.


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