In Tantra often we talk about sexual energy, that it’s different from “having sex”, and it is also said that its elevation can even enlighten us. In fact, the whole path of Tantra consists in increasing, circulating and finally raising the sexual energy, also, but not only, through the union with the partner. It can therefore be useful to understand how this energy moves within our system.

Through these words by Radha, Tantra and Meditation teacher, here is to begin a map of easy consultation of the ancient Indian system of chakras, the centers in which energy moves.

The Tantra Map

“Only a small percentage of Tantric ritual was concerned with sex. The major part involved the chanting of mantras, the creation of mandalas – symbolic paintings or drawings – and the worshiping of various deities. Sexual ritual required elaborate preparation and then union between partners during which sexual energy was channeled up through the body’s energy centers, or ‘chakras.’

The number of chakras varies, according to different schools of Tantra or yoga, but most commonly there are thought to be seven main energy centers, aligned vertically through the middle of the body:

First chakra: the muladhar or sex chakra, located at the perineum, between the genitals and the anus, associated with sexuality and survival.

Second chakra: in the middle of the lower belly, associated with sensuality and emotions.

Third chakra: at the solar plexus, just below the chest, associated with personal power.

Fourth chakra: in the center of the chest, between the breasts, associated with the heart, acceptance, love and compassion.

Fifth chakra: in the center of the throat, associated with creativity and expression.

Sixth chakra: at the mid-point between the eyebrows, also called the ‘third eye,’ associated with inner space, light and heightened perception.

Seventh chakra: the sahasrar, at the crown, on top of the skull, associated with non-duality, dissolving all sense of separation, union with existence itself.”

Radha, “Tantra A way of living and loving

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