Tantra is a technique that, through the contact and the expansion of sexual energy, has the power to bring us back to our natural way of being. It does not have a philosophy or rules to follow, in Tantra we are all free to make our own personal journey to return to ourselves, to our natural way of being. But what does it mean to be natural for Tantra? Radha tells us in a simple way how we move away from our nature and how Tantra can bring us back home.

“Our conditioning made us believe  that some men/women are great, hot, sexy lovers e that others are not, but they are the right ones to fall in love. So, we make comparisons and we start a split inside, because we put some people high up… “yes with him / with her I can feel my heart”, but nothing happens sexually, or it’s the other way round. So, I think it’s all about bringing this two together. The higher and the lower together, till the point where there is no higher and no lower. It’s two becoming one.”

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