This blog is the first one of a series of articles where Radha is sharing some of her adventures over the years…


“As Osho left the body, I realized that a new phase of my life had begun. I decided to participate in a meditative therapy process created by Osho, called Mystic Rose, convinced that it would help me to clarify. This is a very intense method, which lasts 21 days. For the first week, you laugh for 3 hours a day; you simply laugh, without a reason. In the second week you cry, always for 3 hours a day, and in the third, you sit in silence, it’s the phase called “the watcher on the hill”. In these 21 days, you go through such a deep cleaning (of thoughts and emotions), that it becomes much easier to make it clear what does not belong to us and to see things clearly, taking the right distance. And so the Mystic Rose had the effect I had hoped for.

During the watcher phase, in fact, I had a clear vision of how I had lived up to then, of what had happened to me and I received clear indications on what direction my life would have taken from there on. In particular, 3 things had become clear to me:

1 – In all this very interesting and beautiful life I had lived near Osho and even before, during my hippy life, my family life, my Neapolitan life, what is it that I really liked? I’ve always been extremely curious about people’s lives, I like people, I want to understand them and I want to know them. So much so that even when I did any other work, for example when I was making pastries at the bakery in the commune, or cleaning, etc … many people came to me, to receive advice, they felt the need to share things with me, their problems, etc … This was the first understanding: I like people!

2 – What is my passion besides people? Meditation …

3 – And then I also asked myself: how did I come to meditation and to Osho? What brought me to him besides madness, coincidence and everything else? It was my interest in sexuality.

These three things were very clear to me during the Mystic Rose. What was not evident yet, however, was how I would have put them together, since in all those years when I had lived in Puna I had done nothing but meditate and work voluntarily.”


The heart of Tantralife method

“At that time I was doing tarot readings that surprised both me and my clients.
In fact, although I did not have a very thorough knowledge of the method, I noticed that I was able to bring out many true and useful things for people, through intuition.
But what is intuition?…”


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