Radha keeps on talking about The origin of Tantralife method

“Thanks to the Mystic Rose, I understood what had always been the three passions that moved my life. Now my challenge was to find a way to realize them in practice, to take them with me to the world and to transform them into my work.

At that time I was doing tarot readings that surprised both me and my clients.

In fact, although I did not have a very thorough knowledge of the method, I noticed that I was able to bring out many true and useful things for people, through intuition.

But what is intuition? It is nothing more than “not being there”, that is to say, being able to put aside one’s own personality to focus on the empty space within oneself and let out anything that wants to emerge. Intuition is also trusting that what emerges is true. So, thanks to tarots, I had the opportunity to share the aspect of intuition and energy, which I experienced in the events with Osho called “Energy Darshans”.

During those events, in fact, I had no idea what he was doing … he actually never explained it … but there were magical, incredible and undoubtedly magical things that also connected me with my light. And it was so not just for me, but for many others who participated. So I began to feel that perhaps tarot and this light with which I had the good fortune to connect could be the way to convey all this. At that point, I wondered where I could start to “practice”. By now, at the tender age of about forty, I had no roots anywhere. In Puna I could have done it, but not as a profession. So, unable to decide, I said to myself: “I will travel around the world to see which countries are calling me.” So I started my “tour”, traveling in different countries. The first moment of strong call was in Japan. I felt that Japan was closer to India than Italy, America and Europe. So I started there with tarot readings and slowly I was asked to conduct longer events. Thus my first event was born, which was actually hosted in Chile. But I’ll tell you about it on another occasion!

Today I can say that Tantralife comes from the understanding that I could play with all this and that I could share the only thing that I really know and knew: meditation. Meditation for me has always been linked to sexuality, they have never been separated, because the Energy Darshan were extremely orgasmic experiences: without any physical contact, I felt that I was making love with Osho, with everyone present at the event, and I had experiences of cosmic orgasm. This was what I wanted to pass on.

Tantralife: a mysterious transmission of energy

At the beginning of my career as a Tantra teacher, I was often invited to lead events similar to Darshans. In these events, in addition to the energy experience, I answered people’s questions. This too was a great mystery to me because when Osho was in the body I had some difficulty speaking directly with him: I never managed to ask him a question except in writing and when I saw him I was so excited, so overwhelmed by energy, I was crying, laughing, trembling, “orgasming” … but I could not speak. So doing all this, talking, conducting, etc … it was a new thing for me. What guided me in reality was trusting that life, the experience itself, would teach me to do all of this.

Then, studying deeply the Tantric master Tilopa, reviewing everything that I had already heard, lived and known, I began to develop my own technique, my way of sharing this incredible experience of life.

In this way, I created a method that I sometimes call non-method, given that it is constantly evolving, just like life, like energy, which is constantly transforming. In fact, it is a Tantra-life!”

Because of her peculiar intuitive ability and her passionate curiosity towards life and people, as well as for the success of her method all over the world, Radha has often been interviewed in television broadcasts to answer as a Tantra expert to questions, problems and curiosities related to sexuality.

10 years after leaving Pune and already bringing her Tantralife method all around the world, Radha was invited by Camilla Raznovich in her television program Loveline broadcast on MTV … 

Radha at Loveline, episode 1
“Ejaculation and orgasm”




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