Because of her peculiar intuitive ability and her passionate curiosity towards life and people, as well as for the success of her method all over the world, Radha has often been interviewed in television broadcasts to answer as a Tantra expert to questions, problems and curiosities related to sexuality.

10 years after leaving Pune and already bringing her Tantralife method all around the world, Radha was invited by Camilla Raznovich in her television program Loveline broadcast on MTV. Here espisode 2…

Erection and performance anxiety

“Camilla – Radha, how can Tantra give support in case of impotence or supposed impotence?
Radha – We work above all with relaxation. I’ll explain: in this moment I’m trying to observe my breath and in observing my breath I’m relaxing. And the same thing is what I would teach a person who has this problem: to be more aware of the breath while he is making love.
Camilla – It is the same thing that Marco says very often when we talk about lack of erection, which are caused in reality by a situation that surrounds us, the parent there, the car, the lack of space, not having the time, thinking about the performance …
Radha – Exactly, we have many patterns in sex, in life and in what we do, because we have to reach a goal. The foundation of Tantra is that there are no goals. Life is constantly the “goal” if you live it in the moment.
Camilla – So how do you approach sex? You say to take off the conditioning and start breathing … But how do you approach sex practically? During your groups how do you help these people practically?
Radha – All the techniques I use are to be in your body as much as possible, because we think we live in a body but we are always predominantly in the head and therefore we live outside the body. The basic key of Tantra is to live in the body, because the body is always in the present. Right now, if I am completely in my body, I can not think about the goal and I let things happen. So even in sex it’s the same thing.
Camilla – Yes, it is very connected to the thing that Marco always reminds, that is the fear of performance and anxiety. So with Tantra, Radha, you say that there is a key to not having this anxiety, to live here and now.
Radha – Exactly, and this key is to always stay focused in the present and also to be a little more playful. What makes us become serious is above all this idea of the goal. So you’re there with the idea that you have to get somewhere and then go make love with your girlfriend and think: I have to get to the erection, I have to get to the finish line and then you are focused and you can not enjoy the tickle that you are doing to each other or playing together.
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