Because of her peculiar intuitive ability and her passionate curiosity towards life and people, as well as for the success of her method all over the world, Radha has often been interviewed in television broadcasts to answer as a Tantra expert to questions, problems and curiosities related to sexuality.

10 years after leaving Pune and already bringing her Tantralife method all around the world, Radha was invited by Camilla Raznovich in her television program Loveline broadcast on MTV

“Touch and simultaneous orgasm”

Camilla – Here are some guys in the audience who want to ask you some questions. We have Lara first, please.
L – This technique, since it is based on the psyche, and on self-control, can it be done in the couple and can it help to achieve orgasm at the same time?
Radha – NO!
Camilla – Let’s be clear: Tantra has nothing to do with the psyche.
Radha – I said “no” above all to this self-control. What I teach is to let go. Surely, there are techniques in traditional Tantra where there is also some kind of control, but this type of control is about being aware, which is different from the control we know. But above all, I teach you to be aware of your energy and in this way you can have a meeting much more important and much vaster with the other. For example, for this I teach a touch technique because nobody is able to touch the other, even the best lover …
Camilla – This is true. This is a drama. So quickly, Radha because here we are all women eager to know something. Please, give some advice, how do you do it, how do you touch each other well? Can one learn with this CD that it is called the Secret of Touch? Where can one buy this CD and what is it?
Radha – You can buy it from It is a meditation where I guide people to touch themselves first then the partner. It is important not to directly touch the genitals, I think this is a basic rule.
Camilla – Do not go directly to the genitals. Incredible mistake. And then?
Radha – And then play and look at each other in the eyes …
Camilla – While touching each other?
Radha – Yes. We always tend to close our eyes and instead this can help: having a contact with the partner also visual, in order to be a little more aware. It is important to listen to yourself, not so much to listen to your partner but to listen to yourself, to your feelings. This is the most practical thing I can tell you.”

Radha at Loveline, episode 4: “Your head does not help you!”

Radha a Loveline 4
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