Because of her peculiar intuitive ability and her passionate curiosity towards life and people, as well as for the success of her method all over the world, Radha has often been interviewed in television broadcasts to answer as a Tantra expert to questions, problems and curiosities related to sexuality.

10 years after leaving Pune and already bringing her Tantralife method all around the world, Radha was invited by Camilla Raznovich in her television program Loveline broadcast on MTV

“The head doesn’t help you!”

“Question from Andrea, a guy in the audience: If you have problems in bed, how can Tantra solve or improve them? What’s the first thing to do with your mind?
A – Absolutely the head does not help you! The first thing to do is get off your head, go back into the body. For example, before making love you could dance.
Camilla – This is curious: two episodes ago we asked Marco, our sexologist, the same question, and he gave the same advice … in the and the traditional approach and Tantra do not differ so much.
A – No, especially the modern approach like Marco’s.
S – … which takes its origins from Tantra, a much older approach!
Radha – Marco is an old tantric!
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