“Osho once made a crack and said that when he touched my third eye he only saw spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti…
So the official cartoonist of the Ashram made this drawing to depict the fact that Osho was joking about me, about Italians.
His joke was also that, not me, but another Italian before me had made him taste these spaghetti and he didn’t like them at all because they smelled of this woman’s make-up and so they had made him so disgusted that he didn’t want them anymore.”

Osho answers a question asked by Radha

“I have always felt a soft spot for Italians. I don’t know why. I have not even tasted spaghetti, and I will never taste it; just the name makes me afraid.

If people start finding a dry land in Italy, then the ocean has to fall. It is not the ocean that is coming to you, it is me — and you are afraid of me. You have long been associated with me and now the spring is close and the hesitancy and the fear… What will the unknown bring to you?

I informed you to come into Lao Tzu and work in the library. You became frightened, because to be too close to me is dangerous. You have chosen to continue to work in the kitchen making spaghetti. You know that spaghetti is a protection; I will not come to that side. There is no need to go to Italy. Just here if you can go on making spaghetti — even if I smell it that is enough — I will not come close to that place. That is the only security from the ocean. There is no need to learn how to drown or how to swim, just remain drowned in spaghetti. That will keep me away.”

The whole answer by Osho is
The Invitation, Chapter #16
Chapter title: Drowned in spaghetti
29 August 1987 am in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

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