What sets Tantralife apart from other schools of Meditation and Tantra is that the silence and depth of meditation go hand in hand with vitality, the joy of living and expansion. This is why Radha often chooses to be accompanied by a Tantralife Band that can support both the depth of meditation and the peaks of joy.
Here are the musicians, the celebrations of the heart and the adventures of 25 years of music!
Not everyone knows that Radha also has a talent for music … The story of her first trip to India and the first time she played a flute …
“We flew Egypt Air, which was cheap and required a 24- hour stopover in Cairo. Without visas, we could not enter the city, so we stayed in a room at the airport. Govindas unpacked a small guitar-like instrument called a bazouka and began to play, encouraging me to join in with a little flute that I was carrying in my backpack. We played together for hours. I was amazed at how, being infected by the presence of a good musician, I found myself playing better and better. But that was my last performance. The moment Govindas left me in Pune, a few weeks later, I also left playing the flute and never picked it up again….”
Radha, Tantra A way of living and loving

The heart of Tantralife method

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