“As far as being a medium is concerned, it is basically a female quality or gift. Osho did sometimes invite a male sannyasin to be a guest medium in energy darshan, but it was a rarity, and I often wondered if a man could really have similar experiences to mine. Then, quite recently, I heard the story of Veetamo, whose name used to be Philip. Before becoming a sannyasin, he was participating in a Sufi meditation camp in the French Alps, near Mont Blanc, run by a beautiful old Sufi Master called Pir Vilayat Inyat Khan.

Phil signed up for a retreat, but after four days found it heavy going. Nothing much seemed to be happening. “I need a cosmic breakthrough,” he mused to himself, as he walked from an isolated spot on the mountain to a big marquee where the afternoon meditation would begin. Just as he entered the tent, he noticed a thick mass of black cloud at the far end of the valley, traveling fast in his direction. As the thirty-or-so participants began to chant the Sufi zikhr “La Il Allah, Il Allah Hu,” he heard the first rumbles of thunder. The presence of the oncoming storm sent a shiver of excitement through him and he became totally focused on the zikhr, circling his head with the words “La Il Allah, Il Al…” in the manner he had been taught, then raising his head and bringing it down emphatically with the final syllables “…lah Hu.”As the intensity of the storm increased, so did the potency of the energy in his body. He was sitting on the earth, cross legged, and the rocking motion that accompanied the movement of his head provoked a sexual feeling, so that he began to feel a half-erection in his sex center. Without the crashing of the storm around him, he told me later, he might have been more self  tried to block his sexual feelings, but the noise and excitement encouraged him to welcome the energy and use it to intensify his chanting of the zikhr. Phil recalls very clearly the feeling of being medium, as if he was channeling energy from the storm above him into the earth beneath him, just like a lightning conductor. The more he could open himself to the experience, the more energy he felt and the more powerful the storm became, so there was a tremendous sense of synchronicity between himself, the storm and the earth. Eventually, the storm became so loud and violent that he decided to open his eyes. To his surprise, he saw that all the other participants had stopped chanting and were frantically holding onto the ropes that secured the tent to stop it from being blown away — the sides were flapping wildly and the whole tent was shaking and swaying. Phil stopped chanting and at that moment the storm also peaked and began to fade, and he knew as a certainty that, in some mysterious way, the intensity of the storm and his own passionate intensity as a medium had been connected. Only later did he read a Sufi poem, by Pir Vilayat’s father:

-Why are there thunder storms? Because of the heaven’s passion for the earth.- ”

Radha from “Tantra A way of living and loving”


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