“… A few days later, I was in darshan listening to Osho talk to a middle-aged man who was sitting in front of him. I don’t remember what the issue was, but at some point Osho told the man to close his eyes and raise his arms. Then he looked at me and asked me to come and stand behind the man.
“Pour your love into him,” he said, and to the man he suggested, “Go into the energy and if something happens, allow it.” Then he touched the man on his third eye. If I there had been time to ask I would have had many questions: “Pour my love? How? Is there something special I’m supposed to do? And what if I can’t? What if I don’t have any love to pour?”
But there was no time to even think about it and that was beautiful because what overcame me was an easy, natural feeling of giving my energy. It just started to happen, through my hands, my breasts, my heart, my belly. In that pouring, many things happened to me – it’s hard to describe, but I can try.
I found myself melting and disappearing – into what I can’t say – but the moment this happened something else became totally present in me, like a deeper sense of knowing myself. It was like an electric shock, so powerful that after a while I fainted on the floor – a mixture of an orgasmic bliss and a feeling of passing out. But there was no fear in it; only contentment and joy.
That orgasmic feeling was for me the beginning of an understanding about myself and about energy; about the connection of my sexuality to meditation and to a much bigger picture than just the narrow idea that most people have about sex.”
Radha from “Tantra. A way of living and loving”

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