Over the centuries, due to religious and cultural conditioning, the concept of virginity has been linked to a virtue, to be achieved through sexual abstinence.

In Tantralife for virginity we mean a state of purity, of naturalness, which can be achieved through a healthy expression of sexuality, without taboos or repressions, as long as it is lived with awareness and meditation.
Only in this way it is possible to experience sexual energy as pure energy, as a completely natural and virgin energy.
A virgin sexuality is a sexuality that happens without effort and without a goal, when the energy flows spontaneously.

However, sex is often experienced as a job, as an effort.
Even when we are lucky and we do not have great traumas or blockages, we have to deal with a mind that interferes precisely in the most intense moments, taking us away from the here-and-now.
Furthermore, the mind always presents ideals about how sex should be in order to be good, other times we are trapped in ideas about what the partner likes, etc …
Thus sexuality is experienced in a very “cerebral” way, and we end up looking for pleasure in mental fantasies and abstractions.
Sexuality in all these cases is not experienced in a virgin way, but in a mental way.

Tantralife offers simple and effective tools to return to experiencing a natural, virgin sexuality, and breath is undoubtedly the principal of these instruments.

If we really want to access the maximum potential of sexuality, which includes the level of physical orgasm, but also goes beyond the purely bodily dimension, it is fundamental to learn to return to the body, to detach from the constant chatting of the mind and to expand our capacity to feel body sensations.

This will be the focus of the beautiful course
that Prem Agostino will exceptionally conduct
in Rome (Italy) on October 26 and 27, 2019
We are waiting for YOU too!


p.s .: this is how Osho describes the state of virginity.

Sex can be virgin, and celibacy may not be virgin. Things are very complicated. If a man is celibate and thinks constantly of sex, he is not virgin. On the other hand, if a man makes love to a woman, or the woman makes love to a man, and there is no thought of sex – no sexuality in the head, no cerebral sex – it is virgin.
Virgin means pure. Virgin means uncontaminated. Virgin means spontaneous. Virgin means simple, innocent.(…)
By ’virginity’, I mean that Mary must have been in a very very non-sexual state. She must have been a very innocent woman. She must not have been thinking about sex; she must have made love, but that love was innocent. There was no idea in it: mind was not interfering. It was completely uncontaminated by the mind, uninterfered with by the mind. That’s what we in Tantra say real love is.” OSHO

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