How many times you wanted to change your way of living, your relationships, your work and you wanted to feel free to simply be who you are…

How many times you felt a prisoner of social, religious, cultural conditioning…
Whether you surrendered to being a victim of events or you decided to act on your surroundings, the inner conflict remains.
This happens because you have not yet accomplished the true act of rebellion, and this can only begin with the LOVE for yourself and for what you discover about yourself once the blindfolds imposed by society have dropped.
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What is needed is an INNER rebellion.

Rebellion is about seeing this inner conflict with love and acceptance.
And then you need to understand that the origin of this conflict is in the way you live your sexuality. When sexuality is not free, nothing in you can be.
If your sexuality is limited, judged, experienced with conflict, guilt, shame … everything in you will be conflict and struggle.

Tantra is the way that allows you to access this energy free from judgment and therefore in its absolute naturalness.

In this workshop, in a loving and playful atmosphere, you will receive the tools to bring awareness into these patterns and you will be free to express your energy.

You will experience that expanded space where listening to yourself and accepting your nature will come naturally.

It will be the beginning of your love rebellion.

Radha waits for you in Milan (Italy)

at the course:

Tantra, the Love Rebellion

on November 23-24, 2019


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