Residential Courses with Radha

What is a residential course?

The Tantralife residential course is a full immersion into the world of Tantra. It’s an opportunity to have a real taste of what Tantralife method is all about and how it can benefit you.
A typical day is filled with activities from early morning to late evening so that you can leave behind all your worries and jump fully into it. You will be able to explore in depth the most delicate aspects of your life: sex, love, and relationships. And you will be supported by a group of dedicated and highly trained facilitators, who themselves have been through the Tantralife process.
You will take part in this experience together with a group of like-minded people and you will share with them joy and sorrow, ecstasy and sadness, confidence and shame, love and hatred. Due to the very deep, intimate and delicate personal issues which are shared in the group, a strong bond is developed and you can build friendships for life.

Why the Tantralife residential course?
It takes time to trust and open up to deeper levels of personal introspection. Whilst during a weekend you can have a taste of what Tantra is, you need a residential retreat to start the real work of inner transformation and personal growth. Tantra works with sexual energy, a powerful energy which requires care, attention and time to be explored.
The residential retreat is an opportunity to dedicate quality time for yourself in the company of fellow seekers. You can let go of protective mechanisms and open up to others and to yourself, in a way that is not possible out of this context. We create an ideal environment where you can feel protected, safe and willing to explore your sexuality. You will feel free to deepen your understanding of your sexual energy, undisturbed by the stress of everyday life, work, and family commitments.

What happens during the Tantralife residential course?
The Tantralife residential course offers a full-on schedule of fun practices to activate your sexual energy and learn how to let it flow freely. The approach is light and playful but at the same time very profound and deeply transformative.
You will enjoy:
· Ancient tantric meditations
· Osho Active Meditations
· Conscious dance and body movement techniques
· Tantric breathing exercises
· Tantric body’s sensitivity exercises (alone and with others)
· sometimes massage
· No sexual techniques
· No nudity

What will I learn?
You will learn techniques that help you to re-connect with the wisdom of your body and the power of your sexual energy. You will learn how to share joy and vitality free from self-limiting beliefs and social conditionings.
You will learn techniques to increase your energy level and you will get new insights on what is blocking you from expressing your full potential. It’s an opportunity to free yourself from those limitations, not only on a sexual level but psychologically, emotionally and energetically with beneficial effects on all aspects of your life. You can identify and access resources which were previously hidden within you. And you can tap into your infinite source of energy, vitality and creativity to live life at your full potential.

Is there a chance for Q & A?
Yes, there are several opportunities to ask Radha all your burning questions and request personalized advice and feedback.

Is there a theoretical part?
No, the Tantralife approach is mainly practical and experiential. Some theory will be offered during the advanced courses of the Training.

Is it open to everyone, singles, couples?

Is there an even number of men and women?
We do our best to form a group evenly distributed between men and women. However, this is not always guaranteed.

Is the venue comfortable and attractive?
Yes, we carefully select locations that guarantee privacy and protection for the group. The venue will be well heated/cooled, luminous, spacious, and clean. It’s normally surrounded by nature and the food is vegetarian and delicious, mainly or exclusively organic (we can cater for individual needs or special diets due to allergies and food intolerances).

How many people of the Tantralife staff will be there?
We ensure the presence of the most qualified and trained facilitators in Tantralife school, from 4 to 8 people (depending on the group size).

Do I get a certificate?
No. We offer a certificate of attendance only at the completion of the Training plus internship. However, the certificate does not authorize the teaching of the Tantralife method.

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