Tantralife Tribe Events with Staff

What is a Tribe?

The Tribe is the best way to approach Tantralife for the first time investing little time/money. If you are new to Tantralife, the Tribe is your doorway to step into the brave new world of Tantra. At the same time, it’s a wonderful opportunity for seasoned Tanta lovers to enjoy quality time together, connect with old and new friends, and re-ignite the spark of excitement in a loving, caring and playful way.

Why the Tribe?
If you are curious about Tantralife but not ready to fully dive into a longer course, then the
Tribe is for you. It’s a fun, enjoyable and nourishing event to meet like-minded people and
make new friends in the world of Tantra. It gives you an opportunity to sense if Tantralife is
the right path for you and also gives Tantralife staff a chance to understand if a residential
course might be the natural progression in your Tantra journey.

What happens during a Tribe?
The Tantralife Tribe is normally a 2h event where you will be introduced to soft yet powerful
Tantra and meditation techniques. You will have a chance to start connecting with your sexual
energy, activate it and learn how to let it flow freely.
During a typical event we will offer:
· Tantric breathing exercise
· Conscious movement
· Osho Active Meditations
· Dance (nice and juicy)
· Hugs (lots of hugs)
· Tantric contact exercises to connect with yourself and others
· No sexual techniques
· No massage
· No nudity

What will I learn?
You will learn how to contact your own sexual energy in a new and different way. You will take the first step in learning how to use sexual energy to become more sensitive, more aware and more open to new experiences. You will learn to share joy and vitality, going beyond your self-limiting beliefs and social conditionings. You will feel more alive, energetic, and relaxed. And you will start enjoying life much more.

Is there a chance for Q&A?
No. However, you can ask Radha questions at a residential retreat.

Is there a theoretical part?
There is no time for theory during a Tribe event and anyway the Tantralife approach is
mainly practical and experiential.

Is it open to everyone, singles and couples?
Yes, all welcome.

Is there even number of men and women?
We do our best to form a group evenly distributed between men and women. However, this is not always guaranteed.

Is the venue comfortable and attractive?
Yes, we carefully select locations that guarantee privacy and protection for the group. The venue will be well heated/cooled, luminous, spacious, and clean.

How many people of the Tantralife staff will be there?
The conductor plus 2-3 Tantralife staff members.

Check on the CALENDAR page for next dates in your country.

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