october, 2019

26oct - 27All DayBreath in TantraEvent for EveryoneRomeTeacher:PREM AGOSTINO


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With Prem Agostino

“Breath is life from above downwards;
sex is life from just the other corner — from down upwards.
Sex energy is flowing and breath energy is flowing.
The breath passage is in the upper body and the sex passage is in the lower body.
When they meet they create life; when they meet they create biology, bio-energy.”

Osho, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, vol. 1

Breath is the main tool of Tantra and every Tantric technique is complete only if it includes breath. However, in Tantra the approach to breathing is non-technical.
It is about re-acquiring the ability to breathe in a natural, connected and integrated way.
In this course you will learn the importance and practice your deep breath, a tool that is always accessible and that allows you to:
– relax in a natural way, making yourself available to feel joy in sexuality and in life in general
– increase your level of vitality and energy
– experience sensations in your body in full, enhancing pleasure in all parts of the body
– expand and balance the flow of orgasmic energy
– access spirituality through the contact with the body
This course is open to anyone who wants to live sex in a more healthy and fulfilling way, as well as a means of knowing oneself and the partner.
For people attending already the Tantralife Training, it is a very useful integration/deepening of topics covered in the Training.
This course is open to everyone: there is no need to have a partner, nor to have previous experience with breathwork or Tantra.


october 26 (Saturday) - 27 (Sunday)




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