february, 2020

1feb - 29:30 amfeb 2- 6:00 pmFrom Fear to LoveMilan - ITTeacher:PREM AGOSTINO


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Weekend for everyone
with Prem Agostino

Freeing sexuality through breath

Tantra is Love for oneself, Love for the other and for Life.
It’s a Love that extends in every field of human existence: from sexuality to spirituality.
When we are deep connected with the vital energy flow which is in us and in all things, we can feel this Love nourishing and making us feeling good.
It’s a natural state, accessible to all.

And yet, often we do not recognize it, we feel lonely or we miss joy and we wonder what’s the obstacle to Love.
It’s FEAR, in all its forms and expressions!

When we feel Fear, the system (mind-body-soul) contracts and Breath becomes shallow, bated or we even go apnea, inconsciously trying to control Fear; thus we do nothing but making the quality of our life and of our health poor, sexually and in general.
That’s why Breath, that is life, is the main tool in Tantra.

Regaining the ability to breath naturally, in a connected and integrated way, becomes an important and necessary step in order to transform Fear into Trust and Trust into Love.

In this course you’ll learn how to:

  • open your respiratory system to increase your ability to breath in a relaxed, connected and integrated way
  • use your breath as a tool to transform Fear (very useful in case you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, performance anxiety, difficulties in sexuality, etc…)
  • increase your level of vitality and energy
  • fully enjoy the natural orgasmic potential of your body


1 (Saturday) 9:30 am - 2 (Sunday) 6:00 pm


Milan - IT


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