february, 2020

15feb - 16feb 159:30 amfeb 16Tantra: Sensuality and Inner JoyRome (IT)Teacher:RADHA


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Weekend for everyone
with Radha

Do you feel that in your life and sex something is missing  but you don’t know exactly what?

Your life is good, maybe you have a good job, friends, a relationship that works… but you feel a sort of general discontent that you don’t even know how to explain. You can say that in your life, a real authentic and enduring joy is missing.

If you feel that way, know that the reason is because in our culture we are constantly focused on the search for outward joy.
All our energies are oriented towards DOING, acting, changing our situation in every field (job, relationships, family, friends) or on the fact that don’t manage it.
So, we are constantly looking for something to improve, and every goal that we achieve is never enough, so we move the limit of our discontent a bit further.
Rarely we’re taught that the way towards joy is not outwards, but it goes inwards.
This is precisely the path of Tantra.

In Tantra you learn to walk back the way of joy, and the starting point is the exploration of sensuality.
Sensuality is something that we rarely access, because of our habits in love and sex.
For men, sensuality is a dimension that is often denied and unknown, sometimes it is even scary… and for women it is something that is often perceived with prejudice, guilt or mental ideas on how it should be expressed.
The result is that both men and women live it partially and both miss it, especially in love making.

In this course you’ll learn how to access your real sensuality in a very easy and playful way, getting back your freedom and innocence.

Thanks to easy exercises and tantra meditations, you’ll discover the art of reaching the real inborn sensuality in you, that is the ability to let go in everything, forgetting about the goal.

You will experience that sensuality, liberated of seriousness and guilt, becomes a shortcut to draw from your real inner being.

Only then you will be able to get free of the fixation to look outwards for a fulfilment that you’ll never be able to reach, only then you’ll find back joy in your life!


15 (Saturday) 9:30 am - 16 (Sunday) 6:00 pm


Rome (IT)


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