february, 2020

29feb - 1marfeb 299:30 pmmar 1- 6:00 pmTantra, the courage to be naturalEvent for everyoneAthens - GRTeacher:RADHA


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How many times have you heard, read or even repeated: “We all want to love and be loved.”?
We can all recognize this phrase as true, yet if we look around, we see a world of people acting as if they were separate, alone, disconnected from others. And how many times have we done it too, maybe out of fear of being hurt? To protect ourselves or not to disappoint others, we renounce what we really need: intimacy.
Tantra teaches us that the opposite of love is not hate, but fear. To be really intimate, we need to have the courage to expose ourselves to our truest nature, accepting it deeply first in ourselves, and then being able to share it spontaneously with others.
In this course, you will be guided in this fascinating exploration of the most natural energy that exists – your sexual energy, in a welcoming and supportive environment, devoid of judgments and fears.
Through practical exercises and tantric meditations, you will contact your simplest, most playful and wild nature, learning to trust this energy and to follow it consciously.
When the sexual energy is liberated and accepted in you without reserve, then you have the courage to make it flow and dance naturally in every direction.


February 29 (Saturday) 9:30 pm - March 1 (Sunday) 6:00 pm


Athens - GR


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