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with Radha


Sexuality can be experienced in multiple stages.
The first one is what everybody can experience, it’s the level of instinctive sexuality.
Instinct has to do with the conscious part of our being and the reality of the body.
A sexuality lived at an instinctive level can be pleasant but surely it’s a limited energetic experience.
In Tantra you learn to live this stage in its totality, accepting it without judgment and in a non-conflictual way. So a transformation that makes you discover an expansion of yourself in a new and surprising way can begin.
Second stage is about conscious sexuality.
It’s the level of intellect, relationships and love. When you bring awareness in every action, in every thought, in every sensation of your body, besides experiencing a more expanded level of energy, your vitality and creativity increase.
But the Tantra journey is not yet complete.
Last step is to enter in the kingdom of Superconscious. Here you live the energy without giving it connotations, you can experience a merging and unity with the cosmos. The energy is at the same time sexual and non-sexual, it’s pure vibration. Your consciousness is clear and you see beyond the judgements of your mind. Love is impersonal and enduring. Your intuition opens beyond the limits of the ordinary. You live the experience of non-duality, which is what the soul truly longs for.
This is the stage that Tantra calls “Mahamudra”, the great orgasm.  It’s within everyone’s reach, it’s a birthright which belongs to you too.  But it’s necessary to learn to stay in deep relaxation of body and mind.  It’s necessary to let yourself go and to drop all judgements, a total surrender of the ego is required to remain in what Tantra calls “choiceless awereness”. This teaching is a part of the “great teachings”, therefore it can’t be learned through instinct or intellect.
It can only be TRANSMITTED through intuition and its consequent ability to receive.
That’s why in some schools it is called: The Whispered Transmission.


“What is intuition?” you have asked. Intuition is in some ways like instinct, in some ways absolutely unlike instinct; in some ways like intellect, in other ways absolutely against intellect. So you will have to understand, because it is the subtlest thing in you. Intuition is like instinct because you cannot do anything about it. It is part of your consciousness, just as instinct is part of your body. You cannot do anything about your instinct and you cannot do anything about your intuition. But just as you can allow your instincts to be fulfilled, you can allow and give total freedom to your intuition to be fulfilled. And you will be surprised at what kinds of powers you have been carrying within you. Intuition can give you answers for ultimate questions — not verbally but existentially. You need not ask, What is truth? Instinct won’t hear, it is deaf. Intellect will hear but it can only philosophize; it is blind, it can’t see. Intuition is a seer, it has eyes. It sees the truth — there is no question of thinking about it. Instinct and intuition are both independent of you. Instinct is in the power of nature, of unconscious nature, and intuition is in the hands of the superconscious universe, the consciousness that surrounds the whole universe, the oceanic consciousness of which we are just small islands or better, icebergs, because we can melt into it and become one with it. In some ways intuition is exactly opposite to instinct. Instinct always leads you to the other; its fulfillment is always dependent on something other than you. Intuition leads you only to yourself.


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