The orgasm can be a very nourishing experience,  both for the body and the spirit: according to Tantra it’s just through this experience that we can discover something about ourselves that goes beyond ourselves. But if sometimes the orgasm is  missing, what we can do?

Radha, Tantra teacher and

founder of Tantralife, tells us her experience…

“I was again in darshan. I had already developed a creative talent for finding questions to ask Osho, because otherwise you had “silentdarshan,” sitting in the group without actually going in front of him and receiving his total attention. This time I had resolved to ask him about the Tantra article I’d read in the Sannyas magazine in Munich, where he had described two kinds of orgasms: the ordinary kind at sexual climax and the “valley orgasm” which required a more relaxed and meditative approach.

It touched on a personal problem, because by the time I got to Pune I realized that, even though making love with Govindas was beautiful, I was always a little frustrated because I was never quite ready by the time he would have an orgasm. So I decided to ask Osho.

“Am I having valley orgasms.

Is that why I’m not reaching a climax?”

His answer surprised me. Brushing aside the question of“valley orgasms” with a comment that I was a bit young for suchthings, he gave me clear instructions on how to tell my boyfriend to help me reach orgasm. It was very practical, down-to-earthadvice, as if he was quoting Masters and Johnson. The fact that a spiritual master would take time to explain such things to me was another important key: the understanding that sex is not something separate from spirituality, that in the eyes of an enlightened being everything is seen as sacred. He said it would be much easier for me to have a clitoral orgasm if I could be the one on top while making love. I would be able to move my body more, and play with myself, and bring myself to a peak of sexual excitement. I should not feel shy, or embarrassed, he explained. I could also teach my boyfriend how to play with me in order to reach orgasm, he added, but if this was not possible I should feel absolutely free to go for it myself.

Osho then talked to me in more general terms about theimportance of orgasm for human growth; that unless youexperience orgasm you never really discover your full potential –not just in sex but in all dimensions of life – because orgasm takesyou beyond your boundaries, giving you a glimpse of somethingmuch vaster than your normal self.”

Radha “Tantra A way of living and loving”

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