In an interview on Radio Monte Carlo Radha shares a simple and effective method to increase sexual understanding and love harmony in the couple.

“Speaker: You are listening to Radio Monte Carlo and we again have the pleasure of hosting Radha Luglio, a meditation and Tantra teacher, who is here to show us a meditation technique that has to do with sexual harmony in the couple. Good morning Radha, welcome.
Radha: Hello, good morning Erina.
Speaker: What does this technique consist of?
Radha: In Tantra the important thing is not to remain fixed on a goal, on a goal to reach. So this technique, which you can do with your beloved, is very simple and is a help, a support to sexual and love understanding.
The important thing is to sit in silence together, holding your hands, either in the dark or with a very low light, entering a little in tune, breathing together and looking into your eyes gently. Then take some time to enjoy each other. Slowly you touch lightly, caress and play with your bodies.
Don’t start making love on purpose, let this thing slowly happen and you’ll come to the point of realizing, better said, of being surprised, by a condition where it is probably no longer possible to stop, without being able to say when and how you started. Wait until then. If this moment doesn’t come, do not force yourself and let yourself go to sleep. There is no need to make love at any cost. Wait a few days for energy to gather and things will happen on their own: love will go much deeper and you will understand what magic makes it work.
Speaker: So Radha you think it’s not even compulsory, for example, to feel compelled to say some things rather than others. If you want you can also remain in complete silence?
Radha: Absolutely, indeed, it is better because this way you understand each other through a deeper language that is the language of the eyes, the language of feeling, rather than that of communicating.
So it is important to remain silent. Certainly it is not that one must necessarily remain silent, but it is something very different, especially in a couple where partners know each other for too long.
Speaker: Radha, we thank you for the moment. Once again we remind your site to learn more about the beautiful topic of Tantra, which we will still discuss here on Radio Monte Carlo. Have a nice day, thank you.
Radha: Bye, thanks to you. ”


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