Breathing is something that we often take for granted, because we breathe always and automatically, in order to live. Yet, since always, breath has been the object of research and experimentation in every method and spiritual way.

The key of life

In an intuitive way, we all understand that in breathing there is a very important key and, in fact, life itself begins with an inhalation and ends with an exhalation.
Thus, for millennia, man has been experimenting with and elaborating techniques of breath control, meditation techniques based on the observation of the breath, etc … and also in the tradition of Tantra, breathing plays a crucial role.
In Tantra, in fact, it is very important to activate the vital energy, or Kundalini, and then allow it to refine and expand throughout the system.
Modern science gives Tantra support because we know that when we breathe naturally and deeply, what happens in our body is that all the cells are flooded with oxygen, including those of our brain and peripheral nervous system. The peripheral nervous system is responsible for the perception of our senses, or how we perceive the world starting from our body. This intense level of oxygenation increases the sensation of vitality in the body and expands the range of sensory perceptions from the outside world.
This is why it is essential to breathe deeply.

Breathing and Feeling

In reality, few people know how to breathe in a total way, in fact, usually we breathe the minimum necessary to survive. This happens because the breath activates our bio-energy very quickly and disruptively. Breathing more means feeling more, but unfortunately, due to traumas, blocks or simple cultural conditioning, we are used to repressing our feelings and therefore we breathe to a minimum.
Many participants in our courses have often told us how much the ability to feel pleasure in the body increased after learning to breathe well.
Moreover, the breath in Tantra becomes a real form of language, to communicate – without words – either with the partner (for example in making love) or with the deepest part of ourselves and therefore also with our spiritual part.
Breath is a real bridge that connects and unites.
Imagine being in such a deep dialogue with the partner while making love. Your breaths merging. The quality changes totally!


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