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How can I meet my soul mate

How can I meet my soul mate?

Many of us dream to meet our soul mate, that partner with which we can feel complete and  content, and this very often makes us go astray in romantic dreams and expectations that always preclude a disappointment. Tantra says we …

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Wild Wild

Osho, era un uomo ordinario?

Dopo aver trascorso quasi vent’anni con il Maestro Osho, Radha, che è stata una delle sue medium nelle trasmissioni energetiche, racconta chi era quest’uomo straordinario nella vita quotidiana. Per maggiori informazioni su Radha, clicca su questo link…

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Make love when you are happy

Make love when you are happy!

Sex is a very precious experience. Unfortunately we often approach it with superficiality, guilt, anger, sadness and frustration as if sex could be an answer to all our misery in life. In the text Osho invites us to do exactly …

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frigidity and orgasm

Frigidity and Orgasm

There is a kind of frigidity and resistance to orgasm that we all, especially women, experience in sex: our mind often prevents us from following naturally and spontaneously our energy, too full of ideas and expectations. Radha, Tantra and Meditation …

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Wilderness , a natural way of being

Wilderness, a natural way of being

Resistance and Repression are the principles on which modern society is based on: behave in this way, don’t do this, don’t say that, this emotion is not convenient, this one is out of context, hide yourself, repress… The whole effort …

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