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a nevereneding honey moon


Even the most exciting love story sometimes gets stuck in the routine of everyday life, commitments and responsibilities take over on honeymoon and partners start to take each other for granted, they think they know everything of each other and …

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Tantra the art of being with the other

Tantra The art of being with the other

Tantra is a spiritual path that includes everything, the whole human existence, the wade range of emotions that color it and all the energies that live it. It’s a method so inclusive that love is not separated from freedom, man …

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How can I meet my soul mate

How can I meet my soul mate?

Many of us dream to meet our soul mate, that partner with which we can feel complete and  content, and this very often makes us go astray in romantic dreams and expectations that always preclude a disappointment. Tantra says we …

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Make love when you are happy

Make love when you are happy!

Sex is a very precious experience. Unfortunately we often approach it with superficiality, guilt, anger, sadness and frustration as if sex could be an answer to all our misery in life. In the text Osho invites us to do exactly …

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Wilderness , a natural way of being

Wilderness, a natural way of being

Resistance and Repression are the principles on which modern society is based on: behave in this way, don’t do this, don’t say that, this emotion is not convenient, this one is out of context, hide yourself, repress… The whole effort …

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Osho ci parla delle origini del Tantra


In his commentary to Vigyan Bahirav Tantra, Osho speaks about the origins of Tantra and of the fundamental difference and complementarity  between Yoga and Tantra: He defines the first one as the male path, the path of discipline and self-control, …

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