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This video is dedicated to all the people who participated in our courses during 2018. Thank you for sharing your energy, your joy, your meditation. To end the year and start a new one in a very special way, join …

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Sensuality and Inner Joy

DO YOU FEEL THAT IN YOUR LIFE SOMETHING IS MISSING BUT YOU DON’T KNOW EXACTLY WHAT? In this video, Radha talks about the importance of accessing your inner source, in order to find a real joy in your life. Your …

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For a truly free sexuality

What does it mean for you to be free in sexuality? Prem Agostino in this short video explains the importance of recognizing the symptoms of a not- completely free sexuality, which is the first step in transforming guilt, inadequacy and …

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Orgasm and Guilt

How satisfied are you with your orgasm? Have you ever experienced a sense of sadness, guilt or shame after orgasm? Have you ever felt that you must have an orgasm or you have to make your partner have it? Wonderful. …

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