What is counseling?

The counseling meetings are focused on familiarizing, supporting and developing the potential of the individual, promoting active and positive attitudes, stimulating creative capacities. Tantralife Counseling is a great method to bring awareness and clarity on issues such as personal growth, family, work, school, relationships, sexuality, creative development.

What is the TANTRALIFE Counseling for?

To get support for:

  • Increasing a sense of self-esteem.
  • Living a healthier and more conscious sex life.
  • Decrease stress, anxiety and rigidity connected to sex.
  • Learning to share more intimacy and love.
  • Learning to communicate in a direct and more assertive way.
  • Learning to meditate.
  • Living more honest and fulfilling relationships.
  • Exploring and developing one’s personal potential in all fields of daily life.
  • As a preparation for the Tantralife training.

The session

The counseling session addressed to individuals or for couples lasts about 50 minutes. After the first meeting, it’s possible to set up a program (with packages of more sessions).

To book a Counseling session with one of our teachers, or to get more info, please email to: