Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend a Tantralife course even if I ’m single?

Yes, absolutely. All Tantralife courses are open to singles. The Tantralife approach is focused on the individual personal growth and you are welcome to explore your sexual energy even if you participate without your life partner.

Is it possible to attend a Tantralife course as a couple?

All Tantralife courses are open to couples with the exception of the Training and Intensive.
The Tantralife Training is an individual journey, which requires total dedication, hence it is normally not recommended for couples. Participating as a couple poses challenges because inevitably a part of you is diverted towards the partner. Bear in mind that the Tantralife Training is not designed to work directly on relationship’s dynamics. For all these reasons it is not recommended to participate as a life couple, yet to attend the Training separately. In this way, the Training becomes a huge opportunity for individual growth which will also benefit the partner. In all other Tantralife courses couples are welcome to participate together.

Do I get a certificate?

No. We offer a certificate of attendance only at completion of the Training plus internship. However, the certificate does not authorise the teaching of the Tantralife method.
For more information about the internship, please contact us at info@tantralife.com

What kind of exercises are practised during a Tantralife course?

The Tantralife method is absolutely unique and has been designed by Radha drawing from her extensive experience as a meditator and Tantra teacher. Radha has lived many years with Osho in Pune, which is the world leading centre for human development. During the Tantralife courses you will normally experiment with the following:
· Ancient tantric meditations
· Osho Active Meditations
· Body awareness techniques
· Tantric breathing exercises
· Bioenergetics techniques
· Body movement and dance (alone and with others)
· Contact exercises to explore boundaries
· Tantric body’s sensitivity exercises (alone and with others)

Can I join you even if I don ’ t know how to meditate?

Yes, of course. You don’t need to be an experienced meditator to enjoy Tantralife. Our staff is there for you to create the right environment where meditation is made simple for anyone. Just be open and ready to receive.

How does a typical day look like?

Every Tantralife course is carefully designed to help you switch off from your standard day-to-day mind-set and help you focusing all your energy for your inner growth. It’s an experiment to divert your energy from the outward world to the inward world. So the schedule is very well balanced but full, integrating the active parts with some breaks for the meals and to let your body rest.

Is it possible to leave the group and sleep at home during a residential course?

We strongly recommend not to leave the group at any time. We create an environment where you can safely share intimate issues and leave them behind once and for all. By spending time together, meditating and practising Tantric technique, a group energy is formed which helps to melt energetic, emotional and psychological blocks. We are very careful not to disrupt this healing process.

Do I have to tell my problems to everybody?

No, you don’t. During any Tantralife course, you will never be asked to do anything against your will. However, bear in mind that you will naturally feel to unburden your mind from what’s bothering you, resulting in a healing experience.

Is there sex or sexual contacts during the course?

There is no explicit sex during the sessions. In some exercises, there will be physical contact and you will experience very deep levels of intimacy. You will never be asked to do anything against your will but in your free time you will be offered an atmosphere of freedom.

Do I have to be naked?

Nudity is not compulsory, in respect of your individual preferences.
Anyway, Tantralife is a path that offers you the chance to go beyond self-limiting beliefs and explore your body naturally. Of course this happens gradually and follows the progression of the courses, so there is no nudity during the introductory courses.

Will a Tantralife course help me resolve my sexual issues?

During a Tantralife course you will learn how to relax and enjoy your sexual energy without fear and anxiety. Many sexual issues originate in the mind, and Tantra and meditation can help you with that.
If you have a specific sexual medical condition, though, we recommend you speak with your doctor as Tantralife is not a medical therapy.

Can I join a Tantralife course if I am gay?

Yes, of course you can, Tantralife is open to everybody. However you will need to be open to explore the unknown, which means that you might find yourself happily exploring the opposite sex.