• “I really admire the connection, respect and loving atmosphere that is kept between everybody after these sharings. It really feels liberating. Also, some of the ‘crazy’ meditations that makes me have sensations in my body I’ve never experienced before. A sense of deep presence and connection.”

    Marza | Florianopolis, Brazil
  • “I feel very good that I could join Inner Fire this time. The relationship with my wife and children became much more into my heart. In a everyday life, I am much relaxed than before. Now I can clearly know what I want to do now, what I don’t want to do. Also unconscious guilt that I felt a lot before now I can sense it clearly. To the same sex, I have more intimate feeling than before.”

    Shiven | Gunwaken, Japan
  • “What a pity that those methods, exercices are not being taught on a larger scale … It’s so simple, so beautiful and so powerful. Thank you for everything! Tantralife approach truly nourrishes you, you learn about yourself and it helps you to connect with the energy contained inside of you. It’s a clean energy.”

    Vincent M |Bruxelles, Belgium
  • “I am very grateful to this course, it helped me a lot, like a clear mirror reflection of me. I feel it increased my power in my center, and I feel more rooted in life. This knowledge is useful in real life.”

    Shakti | Shenzhen, China
  • “After the group I feel very very good! A great sensitivity and tranquillity are there. I feel my life will never be the same again.”

    Saman | Bergamo, Italy
  • “I lived moments of relaxation and deep inner peace. I finally stopped looking for something outside of me. Because I feel everything depends on me, it is my own responsability how I live. I’m trying to keep this space through meditation, as Radha suggested. I feel positive and light and it’s clear to me that I don’t want to block my energy anymore. I feel free and it’s very beautiful.”

    Haiku | Venezia, Italy